Coaching Framework



The workplace is constantly evolving, and individual roles and responsibilities are continuously expanding. Whether you are thinking about a career transition, serving as a first-time leader or struggling to manage a critical organizational objective, we will help you create a plan for success. Our focus is to help you to maximize your potential through inquiry, feedback and planning the way forward. 

Leadership Coaching, Talent Development, Change Management.   


Coaching Tools


Assessments – We will help you gain clarity on your preferences, interests, strengths and behavioral tendencies. We know that self-awareness is vital to professional development and adds immediate value in achieving any organizational, professional or personal goal. 

We administer various assessments to:

o Understand your personal communication style

o Identify your stressors and minimize their impact to you and your relationships 

o Identify and leverage your natural talents 

o Identify your work preferences and a career path that inspires you

o Learn how others perceive your performance in the workplace

Development Planning

We evaluate your performance and/or relationships goals and create a structured action plan for achieving your desired results. As a result of working with us, you will have a roadmap to the best version of yourself in and out of your workplace.

Personal Brand

We help you develop your “Personal Brand”.  Define how you want to be perceived in your professional and personal life. Identify the behaviors, practices and communication style you need to adopt to successfully execute your personal brand with intention. 

Career Transitioning

If you are transitioning into leadership, a new career, retirement or into an entrepreneurial role, we will work with you to develop an action plan that will help you navigate your transition successfully. Through coaching you will identify where you are headed and align your prior experience to craft a story that brings relevance to your new journey.