Partnerships & Teambuilding



 Is your business growing? Are you considering a merger or a new partnership? A strategic partnership can provide you with the capital, unique skills, expertise and help you gain a competitive edge. When partnerships work well, exponential growth and quality service can be realized. Research has demonstrated that 50% of partnerships  fail to realize their maximum potential.  We will help you establish a solid foundation so your partnership and business can thrive.


Partnership Assessment


 We help business partners understand each others, motivations, preferences, communication styles and strengths. We will help you align your combined strengths strategically to benefit your business.  

Conflict Resolution


Conflict is a natural part of our interactions with others—whether in our personal life or business life. Unmanaged conflict with your partner can adversely impact your business and your brand.  We provide  the necessary tools you need to manage disagreements and establish trust.

Partnership Agreement


We will evaluate your partnership and assist you in developing specific roles, responsibilities and  “Rules of Engagement” to  manage and operate a highly successful business .

Team Concepts



Teams exist to achieve uncommon goals through collaboration and clarity of roles. If left unchecked, teams can fall into predictable patterns of dysfunction when goals, expectations and talent are not carefully considered. Applying our expertise in team dynamics, communication and problem-solving skills, we help teams improve performance and build team cohesion. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Team Assessments


We will teach your team to identify and understand the individual work preferences, communication styles and unique strengths of each team member. Our team assessment will provide your group with specific strategies and  techniques to collaborate and communicate more effectively. 



 Our teambuilding activities will bridge gaps in communication, align diverse talent, improve cohesion and bring about a new practices of working as unit. 

Team Charter


 A team charter is an agreement that establishes guidelines and expectations of behavior within a team. We will lead your team in the development of a framework for holding each other accountable to an agreed upon set of standards.